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Photography is more than just a service, it's a legacy investment. In every frame lies a narrative of love, emotion, and cherished moments frozen in time. With expert guidance and thoughtful attention to detail, I'll work to cultivate an atmosphere of intimacy and trust allowing these images to become heirlooms that preserve the essence of your most significant milestones. 

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Photography is more than just technical skill; it's about understanding the unique dynamics of each moment and capturing them with sensitivity and artistry. It's about offering a personal touch that infuses every frame with genuine emotion and authenticity. However, some things we can’t predict. Of course you will be your best self and I will capture how brilliant you shine.  But the weather may change and the ceremony may get moved inside. Or perhaps the schedule is a bit behind giving us a little less time for photos than anticipated. Weddings can be unpredictable which is one of the reasons I love them! You don't have to worry, I will find great light, remove the distractions from the background, and capture all the moments. But I want you to know that it's within those unexpected moments, where spontaneity and vulnerability intersect, that the most profound and heartfelt images are often discovered. I invite you to embrace the beauty of the unpredictable and let your light shine.

Embrace Serendipity and create lasting Memories

At this point in your relationship you have realized that you are perfect for each other but that doesn’t mean it is perfect. In fact what we value in others is often their imperfections. I want your wedding and your wedding images to reflect exactly that.

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Add Engagement Session $850.00 | Add Albums $950.00-2,000.00 | Add Second Photographer $1,500.00

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International Travel Not Included


Includes edited high resolution images, and wedding gallery

Elopement Coverage

All travel included
no additional fees 


Includes edited high resolution images, and wedding gallery 

Wedding day coverage (8-10 hours)

All travel included
no additional fees 


(Rehearsal, Rehearsal Dinner, and Wedding day) Includes edited high resolution images, and wedding gallery

Wedding Weekend coverage

All travel included
no additional fees 


(Major Events such as Welcome Parties, Religious Ceremonies, Rehearsal, Rehearsal Dinners, Wedding, Brunch Following Day etc)
 Includes edited high resolution images, and wedding gallery

Wedding Week Coverage

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I specialize in photographing families in the comfort of their own home, where genuine connections and memories unfold naturally. My lifestyle sessions offer a glimpse into the heart of your family's everyday life. Let's create memories together, one beautiful moment at a time.

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Includes edited high resolution images, and gallery.

Newborn shoot:

Includes edited high resolution images, and gallery.

Extended Family Photos:

Includes edited high resolution images, and gallery.

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Family Photos

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In a world where time seems to move faster than ever, having a wedding album ensures that the memories of your special day remain vivid and tangible, serving as a timeless reminder of the love and happiness shared with those you hold dear. I believe opting out of a wedding album is akin to visiting a five-star restaurant and merely requesting the list of ingredients from the chef. It's about missing out on the complete experience—the flavors, textures, and artistry that come together to create something truly memorable. Some of my fondest childhood memories involve rummaging through old boxes of photos. What would I uncover? Albums are the experience that your children and grandchildren will have with your memories, and in today's digital age, these collections will offer generations to come a delightful journey through fashion trends, family resemblances, and unforgettable moments.

Photography plays an invaluable role in Preserving Treasured Memories

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Each album has 15 spreads (30 pages) 

Experience the full journey with our multi-volume albums, capturing milestones from engagement to wedding day. Mix and match to create a bespoke collection reflecting your unique love story, preserving cherished moments for years to come. Inquire for further details.

6x6  (opening to 6"x12" spread) - $750.00
8x8 (opening to 8"x16" spread)  - $1,000.00
10x10 (opening to 10"x20" spread) - $1,250.00
12x12 (opening to 12"x24" spread) - $1,400.00
8.5x11 (opening to 17"x11" spread like a magazine) - $1,500.00

Sizes offered:

Albums are invaluable, especially ones filled with photographs that capture the essence of a person or a moment. In the whirlwind of a wedding day, where emotions soar and time passes in the blink of an eye, a wedding album offers a tangible connection to the memories etched into that unforgettable occasion. While digital images capture the heart of the experience, there's an unmatched feeling that comes from leafing through physical pages, each one a testament to the love and celebration shared. An album tells the story of heartfelt vows, tender embraces, and the jubilant dance of a new beginning. My goal is not only to document every wedding but to create collections that represent how you saw the people around you and how you experienced each moment. There is an old saying “A photograph captures a piece of the soul.” and for me, this couldn’t be any more important.

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"Having Patricia as our photographer felt like having another girlfriend there while we were getting ready. She is so good at being everywhere but not in the way at the same time. I have been in many weddings and it is not always the case that someone is able to just easily connect with others, take command of organizing people, and not come across as pushy or quite honestly, annoying. Patricia is gracious, thoughtful about how she organizes things, and was considerate about making sure we enjoyed our day and didn't spend too much time away from our guests. Her work speaks for itself! We were so happy with our pictures. It poured on my wedding day and she was able to capture some gorgeous rain photos of me and my husband as well as improvise a way to take some photos on a porch. You'd never know it was raining based on what she was able to capture. She really listened to what I wanted and used her own intuition to capture people and moments I didn't anticipate. I highly recommend Kivalo! I can't say enough great things about them!" 

"She really listened to what I wanted."

"Patricia became a part of our day and felt like an extension of our wedding party! The planning process was easy, Patricia was very prompt responding to requests and answering questions. We certainly appreciated all her guidance and wedding wisdom. Out wedding day was perfect but like everyone. There were logistics issues and I had an allergic reaction to some of the makeup. Patricia was a calming influence and took everything in stride. We followed her guidance as far as timing and had plenty of time for prep photos, details, wedding part photos and the first look AND had time to fix and redo makeup and relax. They day went exceedingly well and we are thrilled with the photos. We received our photos very fast and love all of them. Kivalo truly captured the moments of the day and all the photos feel "ours" and reflect our day. There are no photos resembling stock photos and each captures an essence of the day. We couldn't be happier. Highly recommend Kivalo, when the time comes we will rebook for maternity and baby photos and family sessions for years to come."

"patricia is the Best photographer ever!"

If you want stunning, artistic, photos that capture every feeling that you have on your wedding day, then Patricia is definitely the photographer that you you need to hire! From planning, to payment, to managing everyone on the actual wedding day, she is extremely organized and has a process in place for everything. Patricia, and her team, are top notch and you will absolutely love how efficient they are on your wedding day. I wanted to get through formal portraits fairly quickly as I valued the candid shots more and I couldn't be happier with the photos we ended up with, both formal and candid AND we still had time to attend part of our cocktail hour without doing a First Look. I was told that wasn't possible, but I knew that she would make it happen! I still can't stop going through our wedding photos, and I love all of them! The beauty and emotion captured in them, takes me right back to our wedding day. Working with Patricia has been such a joy, I have no doubt that we will continue using her for family photos!"

"If you want stunning, artistic, photos, patricia is who you need!"

"What drew me to Patricia initially was that after seeing her pictures of weddings I realized that I was smiling and laughing...and I was all alone. She tells such a great story with her images and what I loved the most was her uncanny ability to capture people's unique characters. Patricia is a talent among talents. Her very low-key and "real" personality was such a great energy to have on a pretty emotional day!"

"Patricia and her team went above and beyond what I had ever imagined."

"We received the most beautiful photos of our wedding in record time and we couldn't believe how amazing they were. Patricia understood when we communicated to her the style of photos we wanted and was thoughtful enough to include everything that was important to us. Her intuition as a photographer shows in the many moments she captured that could not have been planned. Just as important, Patricia was so kind and helpful and made us feel instantly comfortable despite our jangling nerves! She went far beyond the role of photographer, helping to zip my dress and clip flowers in my hair when my hands were too shaky. She was extremely flexible and patient and at the same time a whole lot of fun to spend the evening with! By the time our night ended she felt like an old friend."

"We highly recommend Kivalo Photography!"

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