What is your process?

After booking, we will work closely together to make sure that the timeline is going to make for a fun, stress-free wedding day. (Click here to read more about wedding day timelines.)We also work to curate a list of wonderful wedding images of you and your family and friends.

After the wedding, I download and back up your wedding images, and I begin the editing process. I do my best to turn your wedding photos around within 2 weeks. You will receive your images on a USB drive as well as in a link that you can share with family and friends. As for the wedding albums, I do not begin work on those until after my season in early November, and it generally takes between 6-12 months to get them in your hands.

Do you work with a second photographer?

Yes, I have several amazing second photographers.

Do I need a second photographer?

It is my recommendation that if you have over 150 guests, if the groom is getting ready more than 10 minutes away from the bride, if you have a lot of reception details, and l or if you want to have some more creative angles then you should have a second photographer. The way I like to describe them is that they are looking for the stories within the story on your wedding day.

Can other people take photos at the wedding?

Yes. Anyone is welcome to take photographs during the wedding, but I do ask that they stay clear of the aisles and do not interfere with the ceremony or my photographs. I also ask that there are no other professional photographers present. In addition, having people take their own pictures when I am photographing formal photos can sometimes lead to wandering eyes and problems with the wedding day timeline, so it is very important that there are no other cameras present as I am taking these types of pictures.

I also want to remind you that I am happy to share my images with your guests, so you can feel free to encourage them to unplug, be in the moment, and enjoy your wedding while letting me capture the story of your day. Click here to read more about “unplugged weddings.”

Are you LGBT friendly?


Do I need to provide you with a shot list and or can I give you a shot list to work from?

I will do my very best to work with you to ensure you receive the images you’ve been dreaming of, but I promise that the list of photos I aim to take on your wedding day is probably longer than your list of “must haves!” Before the wedding, we will work closely to create a short list of the most important formal family photos you’d like, and we will also talk through who the other important players are in your lives, so I can be sure to capture them and some images of you together. Hopefully my images will be even better than the ones you’ve read about in bridal magazines and pinned on Pinterest. To learn more about my wedding day shot list, click here.

How far in advance should I book you?

9-14 months

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