A few of my favorite things ...

  • Camp fires

    First of all I love their warmth-I am always cold so they are perfect for me I can get super close and be happy there for hours. Secondly they mean s’mores and camping how can I go wrong!

  • Magazines

    I am a magazine addict. I love the way they feel, I love the layout and design ... l love the short articles.

  • J.Crew

    I am a sucker for J.Crew-the outlet in Freeport is dangerous! I enjoy their images, their preppy yet casual looks, and the way the clothes fit.

  • Italy

    I try to visit every year. There in’t a place in Italy I have been that hasn't enthralled me. It is such a gorgeous place and the way of life is so perfect. You eat, you work a little, you socialize
    and spend time with family and you rest. Perfect lifestyle.

  • Film Photos

    I love using film cameras-I love the range and tones in the images-and I love that it i hand
    crafted and one of a kind.

  • Sweet Tea

    You would think I should have been born in the south! I am crazy for sweet tea. I like to drink my calories and pretend that the sugar in the sweet tea doesn't count for calories. Good thing I like to run tool